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Although here at OC Breast Cancer we tend to focus on raising awareness and support for breast cancer and breast cancer victims, we also believe that taking care of your health in totality is incredibly important.  Our friends over at have been doing tons for our local community in spreading awareness for STD prevention.  Did you know that you should get atleast one STD screening a year if you are a sexually active adult?  If you happen to be living in Orange County, that number should be closer to two or three screenings a year.  We didn’t know too much about what it meant to truly stay on top of your sexual health so we had some time to talk to some of the staff over at localstdtest at their newport beach office and they were able to shed some light on the most common STDS and what we can do to try to prevent them.

Their first recommendation was to majorly avoid newport beach, as it has the highest concentration of STDs in the southern california area.  We were very surprised to hear this because we expected that somewhere in Los Angeles or San Diego would have higher rates, but no, thanks to the rabbit like breeding that alcohol and the smell of the ocean creates, Newport Beach has the single highest rate of HPV, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphillis infection in SoCal.

So what should you do to try to stay clean ?  The number one thing you should do would be to avoid Sharky’s Bar.  Hopefully if you aren’t a retarded freshmen in college trying to use your first fake ID you’ll already be avoiding the place, but in case you aren’t you should definitely not hook up with any sluts that you happen to meet there.  One of the first thing you’ll notice after banging a girl from sharky’s is a horrible burning sensation coming from the tip of your penis the morning after.  Once you get this feeling you should immediately buy a 10-panel STD test and go to your nearest health clinic for an exam.  They will take some of your urine and examine the contents, as well as pull a bit of blood.  After 24-48 hours you should receive word back from the doctor that you indeed do you have chlamydia, and that you should take a prescription for a few weeks and avoid having future unprotected sex, lest you contract a disease that actually won’t leave like Herpes of HIV.

orange county std testing locations

If you happen to be in Huntington Beach, there are some great clinics and doctors there for getting your STD testing done.  Off of beach blvd you can find one of localstdtest’s locations and they have some of the most friendly doctors and nurses in the entire industry.  Not only will your results be completely confidential but you will also receive expert care and guidance in case you do actually have one of the many infections or diseases that are floating around today.  Make sure not to revisit any of the places you went out to if you do get infected; a lot of times other people there will have slept with the same floozies and you’ll end up reinfected with the same diseases, or you could be lucky enough to end up getting a different one.  Don’t try your luck in Orange County, get STD  tested after everything single time you sleep with someone without protection.

See here for OC std screening locations

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